vegan nail polish

vegan nail polish

Nail polish generally has a very strong chemical scent and whether we choose to ignore or acknowledge the scent that doesn't change the fact that these products are pumped with tons chemicals. What you might not know is that these chemicals are very harmful to your health and that is why various companies have taken it upon themselves to produce vegan nail polish that eliminates these harmful chemicals and ensures your safety and good health.

Some of these harmful chemicals include TPHP, toluene, acetone and formaldehyde. These are very toxic chemicals and lead to fast health deterioration if used or handled for a long time. Some of the diseases that these chemicals cause include cancer, birth defects for pregnant mothers, asthma, infertility, and damage to the brain and nervous system among others. It is therefore essential to avoid using the basic nail polish to do your nails.

Vegan nail polish is a safe and cheap alternative to normal nail polish because it uses all organic and safe ingredients in the nail polish to ensure the safety of the user. Some of the features of vegan nail polish include it is chemical-free, eco-friendly and long lasting. The fact that it is vegan also means that the products are cruelty free this shows that no animal testing is done during the product manufacture. These products also do not contain any animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients.

One company that produces vegan nail polish is Karma Organics. The products from this company are purely organic, vegan and toxin free.

All these ingredients are either naturally occurring or organic compounds and with the guarantee of the company to provide a cruelty-free, chemical free and eco-friendly product this is definitely the way to go. Vegan nail polish is a positive movement against animal cruelty while protecting your body's health. This is because they do not do any form of testing of the products on animals. Their products are also chip resistant, non-yellowing and durable.

The product is very available and can be obtained on the official company's website or on Amazon. The vegan nail polish is also offered in a variety of colors about 100 in number and therefore there is definitely something that suits your particular taste. On top of this, the nail polish comes in matte, glossy or glow in the dark forms. The product has very good reviews by its users who ascertain that it is durable, has very beautiful colors and is worth your money. That said, it is in your best interest to purchase this very amazing product because you are not only helping yourself but the environment as well.

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