organic nail polish brands

organic nail polish brands

A recent research carried out by Duke University and the Environmental Working Group (EWG), found that more than 1,500 nail products contained triphenyl phosphate (TPHP). TPHP is a fragrant compound formed in a reaction between phosphoric acid and phenol. Ideally, TPHP is used to make nail polish more plastic, flexible and durable. However, this compound is known to be an endocrine disruptor and is absorbed in the body as soon as one applies the first coat of nail polish. Furthermore, TPHP chemical can be detected in the body 14 hours after application. Exposure to TPHP causes reproductive and developmental problems. Even more troubling is the fact that studies have found that this chemical contributes to weight gain and in some cases obesity.?

Karma Organic nail polish brands welcomes you to try our organic, TPHP-free nail polish. Unlike all other typical nail polish, our organic nail polish brands do not contain any toxic material that could be harmful to your body including the three commonly known hazardous chemicals found in nail polish - Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toulene and Formaldehyde. Our nail polish brand is therefore safe for pregnant women, children of all ages, cancer patients or even those that suffer allergies. ?

Karma organic nail polish brands omits no harsh or pungent odor. We believe in preserving this world’s natural beauty and as such, our products are cruelty-free meaning they are NOT tested on animals. Our eco-friendly packaging is 100% recyclable. Karma organic nail polish brands contains no toxins making this product the perfect choice for both you and the environment.

We have a range of over 100 colors that offer a glamorous manicure every time. These colors include red and even, French white, crème Brulee, snowflakes and our customer favorite bride to be. Choose between matte, glossy and glow-in-the-dark shades to compliment your style. Our organic nail polish removers offer a great supplement for anytime you desire to change your nail polish color. The organic nail polish remover will not dry out your nails but is guaranteed to gently nourish your nails with each polish removal.?

Choose Karma organic nail polish brands where you can not only take care of your look but also your health.Visit our website for more information on our other cosmetic brands. Made in the USA

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