organic gel nail polish

organic gel nail polish

Give your nails a perfect treatment this week with the organic gel nail polish from the Karma Organic products. The karma organic brings out the best combination of flamboyant colors. Keeping in a note about the safety issues regarding the users Karma Organic does not use any harsh chemicals in their organic gel nail polish.

Karma organic carries extreme pride over there scheme of not Using any toxic chemicals which include Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, TPHP, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Parabens. The products are purely organic and are safe for the pregnant women, children patients or in short everyone. the organic gel nail polishes undergo several numbers of experiments to maintain its quality. the nail polishes are chip-resistant, durable and include no harsh smells. The packaging of the products is done by Biodegradable materials which can be later recycled, thus ensuring that the products do not cause any harm to the surrounding. The organic gel nail polishes use a unique nail strengthening formula which includes extracts of coffee and calcium in the replacement of Formaldehyde, which is the major reason behind, nail weakening, splitting of nails etc. The nail product gives a proper enhancement to the nail bed and the nails. The non-yellowing formula used on the product is cruelty-free and is no being tested upon animals. Karma Organic has set a wide variety of ebullient colors and a range of texture including glossy, matte and glow in the dark.

The nail polish remover is another outstanding outcome of the company. The variety of oils and fragrance involved leaves one behind highly satisfied with their immense aroma. They do their job wonderfully and never fails to swipe the nail polish in one go. The oil formula of the nail polish nourishes the nail bed with oil and leaves them rich in minerals and Vitamin E, unlike the other removers which make the nails brittle and fragile.the removers cherish the condition of the nails with their oil-based ingredients. The wide variety of oils include Soybean oil, Tea tree oil, and Vitamin E oil. A unscented variety is also present for those who have intolerance towards fragrance. The nail polish wipes is a complete must have for the travel lovers. Their compact and easy packaging makes itself suitable to carry anywhere in the purse. The wipes are easy to use and disposal. The packaging is non- toxic and non- carcinogenic. The removers do not retain any color stains back on the fingers and the little amount will be sufficient to wipe all the fingernails and the toenails. Furthermore, the nail polish remover from karma organic does not contain any trace of acetone, saving the nails from its severe effects. The Karma Organic removers can be used over any kind of nail polishes.

The nail polishes and removers of Karma Organic are currently present over more than 40 whole Food markets. The worldwide service and the quality of the company have risen the standard of organic gel nail polish. the excellent customer service and their reviews are the reflections of its quality.

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