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Our Section Location

Posted by Karma Organic Spa on 9/20/2016 to Organic Nail Polish
Grand Opening of Karma Organic Spa in Englewood, New Jersey
Sept 29, 2016 from 3:00 - 8:00pm  

It's time to cut the ribbon and party!

Karma Organic Spa
43 Park Place
Englewood, NJ
201 871-0200

Karma Organic Spa

Women's Health Magazine "Well-thy Awards"

Posted by Karma Organic Spa on 3/31/2016 to Beauty
Women's Health Magazine

Thank You! 

We're honored to have been selected in the Women's Health Magazine "Well-thy Awards". Check out the March 2016 issue on newsstands now, pages 123-124.  

Women's Heath says: 
"An acetone-free polish remover that actually gets rid of stubborn hues, softens cuticles, and smells like lavender? Consider us converted. Karma Organic Soybean Oil and Lavender Nail Polish Remover, $12, karmaorganicspa.com"

Karma Organic Spa

Shopping Online is Fun

Posted by Karma Organic Spa on 2/27/2016 to Organic Nail Polish
Shopping Online is Fun

We've made it so easy for you to shop online.

Our shopping process is fast and fun. Just use the search function to find the items that you need and we've also included shortlinks to take you directly to our products.

Cuticle and Nail Oil: http://bit.ly/CuticleandNailOil
Essential Oils: http://bit.ly/karmaessentialoils
Organic Nail Polish: http://bit.ly/polishshop
Organic Polish Remover: http://bit.ly/organicremover

Karma Organic Spa

8 Tips To Start Your Day Right

Posted by Karma Organic Spa on 1/22/2016 to Living Good
8 Tips To Start Your Day Right

Wake up and try these 8 tips to start your day right!

Open the curtains and let the sunlight in.
Practice having gratitude
Shake it till you make it! Throw on your favorite tunes and exercise.
Get dressed in clothes that make you feel good, even if it's jeans and your fav top. 
Drink a glass of water. Hydrate your system.
Think of two things you'd like to accomplish today and write them down.
Take five minutes to tidy up before you leave the house.

Stay Awesome!
Karma Organic Spa