Gel Finish Top Coat - Nail Polish; Non-Toxic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free (#19626)

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Plumping, Gel-Like Top Coat - * INSTANT VOLUME, *INTENSE SHINE, *SHORT DRYING TIME: * GEL FINISH TOP COAT - Achieve a wet-look shine like professional gel nails, without a UV (ultra-violet) lamp. Our formula features extremely high solids for a high impact, voluminous coating. Crystal clear, specific nitrocellulose-based formula, to create a dazzling gel-like shine. * Build instant volume on your colored nail enamel to shape up your nails and give an ultra-brilliant shine. * Freshen your nail color and reactivate luscious plumping shine when applied between your manicures. * Short drying time. Instructions for use: * Apply one coat on a dry nail polish. * Re-apply if needed to revive the gloss. * Due to extremely high solids, which form the film that is left in the nail, do not apply over color that is not dry to the touch.

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