Essential oils have been used as natural remedies since people first started unlocking and understanding their potential thousands of years ago. When properly used, essential oils can provide wonderful, surprising benefits to your health and well-being. The properties of essential oils vary greatly and can make them effective for a variety of ailments — or simply to improve your mood and promote relaxation on a not-so-great day. Karma Organic's essential oils are proudly made with 100% pure, organic, therapeutic-grade oils and these are the same ones we use in our famous Karma Organic Spa treatments. Bring the spa into your home with your choice of essential oil — we have a full line of them including the best essential oils for aromatherapy, illness remedies, depressed mood, sore throats, bug bites, pain relief, disinfectant, deodorization and more. Please browse our essential oils and contact us with any questions.